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26 Jan 2015 | by Mark Tucker

Among the Obama operatives joining Clinton's team are Joel Benenson, the president's pollster who will take on the broader role of chief political strategist, and Jim Margolis, who will serve as her top media adviser.
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Second, Albany already tries to equalize funding by sending almost three times as much state aid, on average, to high-need districts as it does to the wealthier ones — $9,626 per pupil vs. $3,370.
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"Nothing obviously has revealed itself yet," said Shrewsberry. He added that the bank did not set aside any money in the quarter for possible energy loan defaults, but was reviewing customers' creditworthiness on a loan-by-loan basis.
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That is a small slice of BlackRock's $4.5 trillion in assetsunder management, but it is a key bottom-line contributor,because the funds bought by retail investors carry higher feesthan those sold to institutional clients. Though they make upjust 12 percent of assets, they account for 35 percent of fees.
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In my view, resisting the neoliberal juggernaut is what the newly rising nationalism is about. Given that, I am all for Marine Le Pen, et al. Get rid of the hegemonists. For example, US leadership is just another word for hegemony. Moreover, hegemony is not democracy, in case that hasn’t been noticed.
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Not just a dead-end series, like all the ones we have seen around here with the local NBA teams. No, this could be for a lot of marbles, because both the recently hot Rangers and the still-hot Islanders have the depth, the speed and the goaltending to make a long run into spring.
"He's got good poise, good vision, handles the team well. He's a smart player in terms of game management and situational football," Belichick said. "So I'd say all of those things are strengths. They're all assets. He does a good job of all of it. There are a lot of things about his game that are very good and hard to defend."
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The debate has raged for nearly a year, and FCC Chairman TomWheeler recently indicated he was leaning toward regulating ISPsmore strictly under a section of the communications law known asTitle II, which would treat them more like public utilities.
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Cornell and an FBI informant met in Cincinnati in October and November. Cornell said in the meetings that he considered members of Congress to be enemies and he wanted to attack the Capitol, according to ABC.
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Diaz, who attended death counseling with his wife before she died, said he thinks about Maynard "every day" and that he feels the loss most in the morning and at night, when the house they shared with their dogs is quiet. He carries her driver's license in his wallet, in front of his own. On Christmas, he opened gifts she had purchased for him before she died.
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It’s been a long time coming — but not that long. In just about a generation and a half the two major political parties have transformed into coalitions of interests largely organized, as conservative Grover Norquist has theorized, around the role of government in their individual lives; the majority of those in this still center-right nation essentially wanting to be “left alone.”
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Regulatory efforts to simplify existing swap mandate rules in order to reduce fragmentation between the U.S. and Europe are likely to dominate the focus of participants in the swaps execution facility (SEF) market in 2015.
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I don’t understand the problem with the Jews, but I get the hatred of fundamentalist Islam. These are the scumbags who carried out the murders on 911, who saw people’s heads off, who treat their women like subhuman sh*t. By now, we hate them all, hate their religion, hate them breathing our air”.and we’re done warning them”. either they quit their atrocities or we’re going to hunt down and kill every GD one of them.
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The big takeaway here is that everyone who isn't asking for a raise should develop negotiation skills. Negotiating doesn’t mean just asking for more money. It is how you prepare and present your request that leads to successful outcomes. Without practice and experience, it feels awkward and uncomfortable to attempt to negotiate. Start negotiating today with family members, friends and even vendors in order to build your confidence and skill level.
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They said it would be too taxing on team logistics to travel to Gabon for the match and then to Malabo for the health checks. Tunisia had originally planned to travel straight to the small eastern town of Ebebiyin where they will be based.
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The report focuses on the Irish Cancer Society's affiliation programme, which granted funds to 21 affiliated community-based cancer support services across the country to provide professional counselling in 2013. In total,
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He also laid out New Jersey's economic growth and job gains, saying the state of the state "continues to get better," even though it is rated the second-worst state after Illinois by credit rating agencies.
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After Boxer's announcement, former Los Angeles Mayor AntonioVillaraigosa used his Facebook account to say he was exploring arun for the seat. Billionaire environmentalist Tom Steyer wroteon the Huffington Post site that he would decide soon on therace while U.S. Representative Loretta Sanchez, a Democrat, alsoused Facebook on Tuesday to announce that she too was ponderingthe job.
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While the specifications listed in the GPU-z shot seem to be bogus due to the current version not fully supporting the GeForce GTX 960 graphics card, some information does seem to indicate that we might be looking at 1024 CUDA cores on the GM206-300 GPU along with 32 ROPs and if the math seems right, around 64 TMUs but we’ll leave it here until more credible information pops up. Regardless of the information, GPU-z does seem to indicate the right memory specifications of 2 GB VRAM, 128-bit memory bus and 112.2 GB/s bandwidth.
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Energy Minister Ed Davey, a member of the junior coalitionpartner Liberal Democrats, said the proposals would damagecompetition and end up raising consumer bills by causingincreased uncertainty for energy firms.
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With agents moving in fast to seize his computer, he was caught red-handed, the jury was told, with his fingers on the keyboard. Or consider the hit men he allegedly hired to kill those who posed a threat to the digital drugs empire - not that the prosecution claims anyone was actually murdered.
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Freeport-McMoRan, the largest publicly traded copper producer, dropped 11 percent as the metal's price plunged 5.3 percent. JPMorgan Chase & Co. lost 3.5 percent after fourth- quarter profits slumped, while an index of banks tumbled 10 percent from a December high. Wal-Mart Stores Inc. retreated 3.1 percent as the World Bank lowered its outlook for the global economy.
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Does anyone remember a time when franchises were not a vibrant part of the American business landscape? For decades, tens of thousands of individually owned businesses with iconic names such as Burger King, IHOP, Jiffy Lube and Howard Johnson’s have channeled the entrepreneurial spirit of men and women, provided jobs to millions of people and contributed to economic life in communities in every corner of the country.
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None of the leaders of the Democrat-controlled GeneralAssembly, who were reelected on Wednesday, addressed thepossibility of the court tossing out the law or what theirsolution might be to balance future budgets.
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“So America should ask itself, do we want to remain a strong ethnic culture, like Japan,…” Sadly, America has not been a strong ethnic culture for a very long time now, IF ever. But yes, you are correct in that birds of a feather should be able to flock together. SCOTUS rulings regarding segregation notwithstanding.
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The urbane secretary of state, John Kerry, would have been great, but he was tied up in India. Where was Joe Biden in a vice presidential pinch? Better yet, new Deputy Secretary of State Antony J. Blinken, who grew up in New York and Paris, would have hit perfect pitch. And help me understand why Attorney General Eric Holder didn't go — he was in Paris but missing in action at the march. Isn't he on the front lines in fighting terrorism?
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This is pretty opinionated, rather than news. I do believe that Islam is a religion of peace, but this sort of drivel serves no purpose. I think that Le Pen has a legitimate (if peripheral) point that no one wants to address.
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Well, Europe can kick all 45 million muslims out, no doubt, it’s your country. But then, muslim countries will kick all 120 million christians from their countries out and send them packing for Europe. So, Europe will have 3-fold worse immigrant problem then it has now.
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The 89-year-old Napolitano, widely respected outside Italy as a guarantor of stability during the euro zone crisis, had always been expected to step down before the end of his second term in office because of his advanced age.
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This has driven up the cost of alternative power andsqueezed distributors' cash flow. They can only pass highercosts onto consumers once-a-year after rate reviews by agovernment wary of stoking inflation.
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Solar flares are essentially huge bursts of radiation from the sun’s surface, and their powerful electromagnetic waves can knock out communications on Earth when they are pointed in our direction. They are also responsible for the spectacular Northern Lights when they interact with the Earth’s atmosphere. Fortunately, the radiation poses no danger to people, as the atmosphere absorbs it. It can disturb that atmosphere enough to interrupt GPS and communications signals.
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Support has poured in to help the small magazine survive. Computers have been offered and the French post office has pledged a year’s free delivery. Most of this week’s cover price is to go to the magazine and victims’ families.
Join former FDA advertising and promotion leader Glenn N. Byrd as he explores advertising and promotion of pharmaceutical and biotech products in the regulatory environment. This webcast offers insight into hot topics including: analyzing and dissecting recent FDA guidances on social media and analyzing recent FDA enforcement actions.
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Tractor maker Mahindra & Mahindra is idling itsfactories for a few days a month after sales slid by nearly athird towards the end of last year. Consumer goods firms andauto makers have also reported weak sales.
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"Lowering the blood's thickness without compromising oxygen delivery may also help prevent blood clots, reducing the risk of a stroke or heart attack," commented the study's co-lead author, Dr Andrew Murray of the University of Cambridge.
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Roberto Soldado has missed a sitter from three yards out. It was easier to score than miss. Spurs broke rapidly and Andros Townsend played a low ball across the box which Soldado just had to tap in at the back post but he managed to hit the crossbar. This should be level.
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Andrew Blankstein is an investigative reporter for NBC News. He covers the Western United States, specializing in crime, courts and homeland security. Blankstein worked at the Los Angeles Times over two decades, much of that time covering breaking news, law enforcement and the justice system in Southern California both for the paper and

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