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26 Jan 2015 | by Mark Tucker

When Feinberg is finished with his work, GM will have written a big check. But it should go one step further and memorialize, somewhere in the lobby of its Renaissance Center headquarters, the lives lost from its negligence, as a reminder for present and future employees to never let it happen again.
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The creative industry groups included in the figures by the DCMS are: Advertising and marketing; architecture; crafts; design; film, TV, video, radio and photography; IT, software and computer services; publishing; museums, galleries and libraries; and music, performing and visual arts.
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One notable trade on Tuesday involved the sale of 90,000Pfizer calls expiring in April at the $35 strike price, sendingcall volume on the drugmaker's options to five times normal.Prior to that, open interest in that strike price was only about8,000 contracts, according to Thomson Reuters data.
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THEY HAD HELD off the vaunted Colt attack with a backs-to-the-wall stand at their own half-yard line in the third period and had exploded that 86-yard pass-fumble-and-run weirdly to set the stage for their first touchdown. And, less than five minutes later, they completed an 81-yard sortie on clutch tosses by Chuck Conerly to Bob Schnelker and Frank Gifford.
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“We’re in a funk. We’ve got to get out of it. We have to stay out of foul trouble,” Pointer said. “Right now we’re trying to figure out how to play our style of basketball and stay out of foul trouble because our bench is not as deep as it should be, so we’ve got to bring other guys along.”
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A study by Dr. Andrew Wakefield, published in 1998, claiming that the measles vaccine caused autism, was widely covered by the media, and caused an “autism panic”. This has resulted in the plague of measles returning to areas where it had previously been eradicated, and is putting current generations of children at risk. The theory has been repeatedly disproven, but the effect lingers as resistance to the vaccine continues among small but vocal pockets of the population.
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Asked to elaborate, he explained: “You don’t worry. If there’s 20 women there (waiting for him), be patient. You have to be like, ”Give her a moment to let her go through what she’s going through. Then the real situation sets in. There are 20 women excited by Leo and before the party is over, they realize they can’t all have him. ”
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"Freedom of expression should end at and not cross the limits of offending others over their colour, race or religion," he adds. "Insulting religions should be legally treated as racism."
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In its Tuesday statement, Superb Summit said the MuddyWaters report "contained misleading statements and fabricatedcontents to asperse the company and its subsidiaries". Worthabout $1.5 billion by market value, Superb Summit has itsoperations in mainland China.
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"I have never seen a comparable image for any other pelagic shark," he told BBC News. "It may well be, or at least the first time that the event has been photographed, but this is always difficult to say definitively."
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In a study of more than 5,000 people, researchers sequencedthe gene encoding the muscle protein "titin", known to be linkedto this leading cause of inherited heart failure, to try to findwhich variations in it caused problems.
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S&P 500 e-mini futures were down 25.25 points andfair value, a formula that evaluates pricing by taking intoaccount interest rates, dividends and time to expiration on thecontract, indicated a sharply lower open. Dow Jones industrialaverage e-mini futures sank 237 points, and Nasdaq 100e-mini futures dropped 41.5 points.
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“You know what? He’s really a fiery guy,” Cardinals cornerback Antonio Cromartie, the ex-Jet, told the Daily News Tuesday night. “He wants his players to have the most fire. He wants his veteran guys to lead the way and take control of the defense. . . . He’s not going to sugarcoat anything. He’s going to be straight up, blunt and honest.”
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Apart from legal costs, JPMorgan's earnings were hit by a 14 percent fall in revenue from fixed-income trading, after adjusting for the sale of the bank's physical commodities business and accounting changes.
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But that dream turned into a nightmare four years ago when his brothers in blue turned on him — bombarding him with taunts and threats, refusing to come to his aid during drug busts and even leaving a dead rat on his windshield.
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Patients must be prescribed ‘an adequate trial of an antidepressant' - usually six to 12 weeks, although a response is generally expected after four weeks. It is also important to make sure the patient is taking their medication correctly.
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Prosecutors said Kyle Crosby, who is accused of killing his wife, Erica, is a drug addict and a flight risk, noting he took off for Baltimore last week as police closed in. A Burlington County judge set bail at $1.2 million.
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Chloe Goins spent more than two hours at police headquarters. Kuvin told reporters that police asked him and Goins not to divulge details about what the model experienced after she blacked out at the Playboy Mansion in 2008.
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Those kids who lost their lives were the Abdus Salams' [Pakistani physicist who won Nobel prize] and Bill Gates of the future. But after seeing their innocent bodies riddled with bullets and covered in blood I just want to have my children alive rather than worry about their future prospects.
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"Congratulations to you, the Nation of Islam, for this revenge that has soothed our pain," said al-Ansi. "Congratulations to you for these brave men have blown off the dust of disgrace and lit the torch of glory in the darkness of defeat and agony."
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"For us to jump in and say that we can do this better,that's arrogant," Urmson said. Google has not determined whetherit will build its own self-driving vehicles or function more asa provider of systems and software to established vehiclemanufacturers.
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"It's in the movies, you know?" he continued. "I think it can give people a great release from stresses in life and all the rest of it, you know what I mean? It doesn't mean they're all going to go out and go, 'Yeah, let's get a gun'"
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The fuselage, the part of the plane that holds pilots and passengers, was discovered around 3 kilometers from where the tail of the aircraft was retrieved last weekend at the bottom of the Java Sea, Indonesian officials said.
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The Clint Eastwood film opens in U.S. theaters on Friday and depicts the impact of war on a soldier and his family. Kyle survived four tours in Iraq but was killed by a disgruntled U.S. veteran at a gun range near his Texas home in 2013.
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The ICS is appealing to members of the public to get to know the signs and symptoms of lung cancer. With early detection, patients have more treatment options open to them and a better chance of survival. However, many patients only present to their doctors when the disease is already at an advanced stage.
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The legislation being proposed in the Senate would bar transfers to Yemen for two years, suspend the transfer of high- or medium-risk terror suspects for the same period and repeal the law that has allowed the administration to transfer prisoners to foreign countries and reduce the population at Guantanamo to 127 from a peak of close to 800. The bill also would prohibit transfers of terror suspects to foreign countries if there has been a confirmed case where an individual was transferred from Guantanamo and engaged in any terrorist activity.
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When Jimmy Connors blasted his way to victory at Wimbledon in 1974 the metal racquet had truly arrived. (Billie Jean King had won the 1967 US Open using a metal racquet but later returned to wooden racquets.)
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"They have a duty of care for staff that are unable to see their own situation, whether due to unrealistic or unhealthy workload expectations or factors outside the employer's control," the Australian team added.
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Inarritu, 51, was also considered a strong contender for director awards for his first comedy, a surreal satire of show business that appears to be filmed in one long take in the cramped confines of a Broadway theater.
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IVG had made selling The Squaire, one of the company's mostproblematic assets, the cornerstone of a restructuring planlaunched after it emerged from insolvency in 2014. IVG hadbecome insolvent in 2013 after being weighed down by debt andcost overruns.
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The outlook fueled fears that the benefits of cheaper oil may be offset by anemic economies and the threat of deflation, sending investors to seek safety in government debt, while the U.S. dollar slumped against the yen.
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“The government is worried about a real estate bubble and the growing resentment towards sky-rocketing house prices, especially for those living in municipal cities. The average young couple in Shanghai must work for 24 years, without spending a single yuan, to save enough money to buy a moderate flat,” Yu Yongding, economist and former member of the monetary policy committee at the People’s Bank of China, wrote at the end of December.
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Some 70 percent of Sri Lankans are Buddhist — most from the Sinhalese ethnic group. Another 13 percent are Hindu, most of them Tamil, and some 10 percent are Muslim. Catholics make up less than 7 percent of the island nation's 20 million people, but the church counts both Sinhalese and Tamils as members and sees itself as a strong source of national unity.
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A spokesman for Viagogo, a ticket sales website, said: "We are in favour of making information clearer on our website and have made a number of commitments in our recent discussions with the government.
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"Hoyt told the officer he was Jesus Christ and that he was going to kill Boehner because Boehner was mean to him at the country club and because Boehner is responsible for Ebola," court documents say.
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The case was based largely on emails in which Apple co-founder Steve Jobs, former Google Chief Executive Officer Eric Schmidt and some of their rivals detailed plans to avoid poaching each other's prized engineers.
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SNP Westminster leader and Defence spokesperson, Angus Robertson MP - whose constituency includes RAF Lossiemouth, home of Tornados and now Typhoons said: "This is a hugely damning report for the MoD.
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"If he's the guy, it's an opportunity for him to be put in a different situation," St. Louis said of Miller. "And I think once you get Step back, J.T. is better for it from having those minutes and those reps in the trenches in maybe a more important role."
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Where was President Obama on Sunday as 40 world leaders — including Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas and Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu — joined hearts and hands with French President Francois Hollande and millions of people in France in an anti-terrorism unity rallies? Not there was Obama.
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Both automakers have unveiled upcoming family cars that use fuel cells to generate electricity through a chemical reaction that combines hydrogen and oxygen to form water, which is the only emission produced by the process.
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Madness at White Hart Lane as Burnley go two ahead and we've not even played 10 minutes yet. This time it's a huge stroke of luck as Ross Wallace's 30-yard free kick is aimed for the right of goal, took a huge deflection off Roberto Soldado and went in the other side of goal.
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The updated policy revises protocols announced last year amid outrage among news organizations over Obama administration tactics. It was released just as the Justice Department abandoned its yearslong efforts to compel a New York Times reporter to testify in the trial of a former CIA officer accused of disclosing classified information.
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"Some 95% of the tests are normal and those people will be recalled after two years for screening again. It is just 5% that have a positive test and require a colonoscopy," explained Dr Alan Smith, medical director of the HSE National Cancer Screening Service (NCSS).
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While not necessarily a task that will allow you to savemoney, starting a budget will indeed allow you to save more money. Don’t letthe feeling that budgeting is restrictive hold you back as it can actually bequite freeing. There are many ways to budget and many free resources availableto help get started. Find what works best for you and modify it to your life.This will allow you to see what spending fat can be trimmed which will help youcontrol your money and not the other way around.
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“I said to Kingston, ”Are you sure you wanna do pink, because you’re gonna go to school tomorrow? Are you sure you’re not gonna be embarrassed?’ ” she tells this week. “He said, ”No, I don’t care; it’s a cool color.’ I just love that.”
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"That’s a way for him to sign this into law, [while saying] DHS needs to be funded, but here’s all the ways that Congress is acting outside its authority here and I’m going to consider things advisory," he says.
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Google has been briefing the National Highway Traffic SafetyAdministration, the chief U.S. auto regulator, "from early on inour program," Urmson said. "The worst thing we could do issurprise them."
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Rep. Mark Pocan, D-Wis., does. The Midwestern politician moonlit as a magician when he was younger. “In fact, I paid for college doing magic shows, along with the help of Pell grants and student loans,” he said. And now he’s reviving that certain set of skills and using it as an explainer of sorts, launching a “Magic Mondays” video series earlier this week.
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Not all of those funds reaped outsized benefits from movingaway from oil, however. During a year in which the broad stockmarket rose about 11 percent before dividends thanks to a morethan 25 percent rally in utility and healthcare stocks, somefund managers who sold energy at an opportune time found it wasnot enough to boost their performance. Wiggins's fund, forexample, gained less than a percentage point last year, puttingit in the bottom half of its peers.
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If the stock should surpass $35 by mid-April, the buyercould exercise, or purchase, the shares. The seller would foregoany outsized gains in stock price but the premium would providea cushion against near-term losses.
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Young children perched on their parents shoulders for a better view as the buses pulled into the fenced parking lot at the Woody Hayes Athletic Center. Cheers rose from the crowd as players went over to the fans, some of whom had waited outside for an hour.
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The space outpost is manned by NASA astronauts Barry Wilmore and Terry Virts, Russians Elena Serova, Alexander Samoukutyaev and Anton Shkaplerov and European Space Agency astronaut Samantha Cristoforetti.
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Researchers from Trinity College Dublin (TCD) and Tallaght Hospital in Dublin decided to look into this further by carrying out two studies - the first looking at the attitudes of GPs themselves and the second involving weight checks of children during GP consultations.
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Paterno won 409 games in his 46 years as head coach of Penn State. On July 23, 2012, the NCAA vacated all of Penn State’s wins from 1998 through 2011 as part of its punishment based on the findings of the Freeh report, which concluded that Paterno and other administrators missed or ignored signs of Sandusky’s crimes.
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ABOARD THE CHARLES DE GAULLE AIRCRAFT CARRIER (AP) -- France's president says the country will withdraw 1,200 troops from the Central African Republic by autumn now that U.N. peacekeepers are deployed.
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A former Ohio country club bartender -- who told authorities that he was Jesus Christ -- allegedly threatened to murder House Speaker John Boehner last fall because he believed the Ohio congressman was responsible for Ebola, according to records made available Tuesday.
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Within seconds of touching a credit card receipt bisphenol A can beabsorbed by the skin. Greasy fingers — from say a French fry as you walk away from the cash register —can increaseabsorption.
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On the digital songs chart, which measures song downloads, Mark Ronson and Bruno Mars' "Uptown Funk" sold 340,000 units for the top spot two weeks running. Taylor's "Blank Space" dropped to No. 4 with 176,000 units.
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Then in the second period, the Isles took command. The Rangers became desperate and sloppy, lost their backchecks, their purpose. “We haven’t given up that many shots in as long as I can remember,” Ryan McDonagh said. “We didn’t have the puck a lot because we were the slower team tonight.”
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The big names at Camp Brisket may not bask in the same celebrity status as Dallas Cowboys quarterback Tony Romo. But their restaurants, like Louie Mueller Barbecue in Taylor often have far more name recognition than most politicians.
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Which explains why civil rights groups, including the NAACP and the Leadership Conference on Civil and Human Rights, are urging the federal government to press ahead on testing of all students annually — and support action against schools that fail to meet performance targets.
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And that especially goes for the Rangers' three remaining meetings with the Isles after this, all at the Coliseum, scheduled for Jan. 27, Feb. 16 and March 10. These teams have not met in a playoff series since the first round 1994. What a series it would be this spring.
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The running speed is increased at one minute intervals and the participant must attempt to run between the lines as many times as possible in time with the bleeps. This can provide valuable information about the fitness of an individual.
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"It's a poster child for tone deafness," Aaron David Miller, a former State Department official under Democratic and Republican presidents, told Politico. Miller said, "It's very much about symbolism. And France and the United States...embody the very propositions that are under attack."
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"I was so hurt and so speechless ... the cartoonists working for Charlie Hebdo were pushing the limits all the time just to shake things up, and it's always good to have people who shake things, because this is what changes the world."
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He predicted emissions would continue to fall without government intervention, but said, "another layer of burdensome requirements could actually slow down industry progress to reduce methane emissions."
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"Those crass people proud of attacking religions are inflaming Islamophobia. This mentality, whatever vehicle it uses, is a threat to world peace," Deputy Prime Minister Yalcin Akdogan wrote on Twitter.
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The health insurance marketplace is an important part of the Affordable Care Act, known as Obamacare. The act allows individuals to enroll in health insurance plans in a competitive marketplace. The open enrollment period for 2015 coverage runs Nov. 15, 2014 through Feb. 15.
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"You would think the market is net short sterling againstthe dollar but reserve managers have probably moved to being netsellers of the euro. We think the pound will head into the76-76.50 area against the euro but will base thereafter."
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The paper also noted that while personal responsibility is essential, there also need to be changes made in relation to societal norms. For example, default portion sizes need to be reduced and marketing practices need to change.
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Despite these reports, the researchers from the University Medical Center Groningen found that overall, given the number of Nintendos that are sold worldwide, most health-related problems are mild and their prevalence is low.
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The findings also suggest that low income taxpayers are more vulnerable and more likely than the population at large to be taken advantage of by unskilled or unscrupulous tax return preparers. More than 15% of those relying on a preparer said they either did not receive a copy of their return or the preparer did not sign the return. Put differently, for nearly one in six low income taxpayers who used preparers, the preparers did not follow the basic statutory requirements established for commercial tax return preparation.

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