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26 Jan 2015 | by Mark Tucker

The HBF says it can still be slow to get from outline to detailed planning. There are over 150,000 plots for new homes with outline planning permission that are stuck in the system waiting for detailed permission, says HBF spokesman Steve Turner. But the steady rise in detailed planning permissions being granted over the last four years - from 158,000 in 2011, 189,000 in 2012, 204,000 in 2013 and 2014's 240,000 figure - shows that the planning system is speeding up, says the government.
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U.S. News has also learned that at least one of the contenders, former Sen. Rick Santorum, will parlay the event into a longer trip, stopping in Davenport on Monday, Jan. 26, for a luncheon with county party activists. It's not surprising that the former Pennsylvania senator would maximize his time in the Hawkeye State. Following his 2012 caucus victory, Santorum has visited seven times. That's second onlyto Perry, who is counting on conservatives there to kick off his likely campaign of redemption after his embarrassing fall from grace in 2012.
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The phones, made by Motorola and start-up company Phonebloks, would be grey slates that users could customize with different modules. Need a great camera? Add one to the board. Need long battery life? Add that, too.
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How many of you have made health-related New Year resolutions? From quitting smoking to losing weight, it's probably fair to say that a large chunk of the population is planning to at least try to be healthier during 2015.
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"These women have more education, higher incomes, more prestigious occupations, and higher levels of job satisfaction and autonomy than women without job authority. Yet, they have worse mental health than lower-status women," Ms Pudrovska said.
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This painting shows Nawab Sidi Haidar Khan of Sachin. The African-ruled state of Sachin was established in 1791 in Gujarat. It had its own cavalry and a state band that included Africans, its own coats of arms, currency, and stamped paper. In 1948, when the princely states were incorporated into independent India and ceased to exist, Sachin had a population of 26,000 - 85% Hindu and 13% Muslim - explains Dr Diouf.
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Ryan Clark, who co-ordinated the New Year Plant Hunt, said: “It was astonishing to see so many records flooding in, from Guernsey to the Moray Firth and Norfolk to Donegal. Ireland had consistently high numbers of plants in flower too, with the average of about 20 — almost exactly on a par with Britain.”
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Washington considers AQAP as one of al-Qaida's most dangerous offshoots. Formed in 2009 as a merger between the terror group's Yemeni and Saudi branches, AQAP has been blamed for a string of unsuccessful bomb plots against American targets.
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I did some quick tests with the new app, mainly using French and Russian—languages that I actually know. As ever, the Word Lens feature can be a little inconsistent; in one test it thought the black and white bars from a crosswalk sign were words, but it often gives you enough context to know what's going on—though it does balk at idioms. For example, an attempt to translate a sign reading "chien lunatique," which is essentially the French equivalent of a "beware of dog" sign, yielded the slightly less frightening "moody dog." But overall, the translator functionality is still a step up from not knowing the language at all, and with street signs and menus, it can be decidedly faster than a phrasebook. The app still does depend on you telling it what language to look for—it's not yet smart enough to figure that out.
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Expectations for U.S. fourth-quarter earnings have fallensharply in recent months, with growth now estimated at just 3.6percent compared with an Oct. 1 estimate for 11.2 percent,according to Thomson Reuters data.
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That is a small slice of BlackRock's $4.5 trillion in assetsunder management, but it is a key bottom-line contributor,because the funds bought by retail investors carry higher feesthan those sold to institutional clients. Though they make upjust 12 percent of assets, they account for 35 percent of fees.
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If this is not done the hope for Europe to survive the crisis in progress will lead in the best hypothesis to an empirical autocracy with Islam in a position of preeminence or to a European Caliphate itself.
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“We’ll be cooperating with the attorney general as appropriate but we have complete confidence that our operations are above board and that the focus of the investigation is peripheral to the company,” adding, “We are confident all legal proceedings were brought in good faith.”
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The company's net income fell to C$227 million ($189.72million), or 46 Canadian cents per share, for the three monthsended Nov. 30, from C$245 million, or 51 Canadian cents a sharea year earlier.
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On "Conan" Tuesday night, the "Friends" actor recalled meeting the two princes at a polo match in England, where he spends around three months a year shooting "Episodes."
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Then there are the risks implied by the uneven playing field given to offshore investors in China, a situation well known but only rarely tested. While Chinese bankruptcy and reorganization practices and law have not been fully tested, there have been clear precedents giving senior status to onshore, mainland creditors over those who buy offshore bonds or securities.
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The compromised devices would accept any open router connections through telnet, allowing them to access thousands of home routers through the “zombie attacks”, giving Lizard Squad more bandwidth to use when attacking servers.
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In relation to overcrowding in Hospitalcorridors, itis not a recent problem Iattendedthe A & E in St James Hospital, in 2005, *in boom time Ireland, and the corridors were jam packed with patients. Many on drips, some with high blood pressure who opted to go home, been advised by nursing staff it was unsafe to discharge themselves.
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Brent futures, which serve as an international oil-pricing benchmark, dropped below $49 per barrel Monday for the first time in more than five years. U.S. oil values also fell, dipping beneath $47 per barrel a week after steadilydeclining energy stocks contributed to the DowJonesindustrial average shedding 300 points in a single day.
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Shire has since agreed to buy U.S. group NPS Pharmaceuticals Inc for $5.2 billion, the Dublin-based drugmaker' s biggest acquisition yet, as it seeks to strengthen its position in the lucrative field of medicines for rare diseases.
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"This is the time where they (Dollar General) have to showtheir cards ... or else Dollar Tree will indeed win the prize,"Rahul Sharma, managing director of investment advisory firm NeevCapital, told Reuters.
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Musk, who spoke Tuesday at the Automotive News World Congress conference, said he expects the lack of clear federal regulations covering self-driving cars could delay their introduction until 2022 or 2023.
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A satisfying thwack smashes the ball through a hole and onto a metal board. It's angled upwards to take the pace out of the ball which subsequently drops comparatively gently into a bucket. Magnificent engineering.
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The park is busy researching old newspapers and family records, trying to determine who the gun— which will go on display for the National Park Service's centennial—may have belonged to.
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"The IRS has come under scrutiny by external oversight organizations who have questioned the IRS's rationale for its budget decisions. They have not been satisfied with the IRS's response to their inquiries," she wrote.
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“I think I found my calling. There’s a lot of beautiful women in here. ... What flavor do you like? It’s like Baskin-Robbins, all 50 countries of flavors” — eyeballing the Miss Universe contestants.
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“When we — the first time we created something called a tuck rule, it’s the only reason we know… I’m just being honest. The only reason we know who Tom Brady is, because of a tuck rule. There’s no such thing as a tuck rule If the ball is in your hand, and I knock it out your hand, whether it’s going backwards, forwards, lateral, sideways, however it’s coming out, that’s a freaking fumble…. They don’t go to that championship game, they don’t go to that championship game if that tuck rule, if that ball is not called a tuck That’s a fumble.”
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The Association expressed concern that the infrastructure in Beaumont Hospital was not adequate to advance kidney transplantation. The hospital had failed to commission an extra operating theatre and was now short of transplant surgeons, it pointed out.
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Medscape uses cookies to customize the site based on the information we collect at registration. The cookies contain no personally identifiable information and have no effect once you leave the Medscape site.
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CUNY is today’s best value in the higher education marketplace. Our low costs make it possible for seven in 10 full-time undergraduates to attend college tuition-free, fully covered by financial aid and the American Opportunity Tax Credit, and for eight in 10 to graduate free from federal education debt. That’s freedom. That’s CUNY Value.
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Broncos General Manager John Elway told reporters on Tuesday he believes the 38-year-old Manning, who led Denver to a Super Bowl berth and three division titles since joining the team in 2012, has another season left in him.
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"We need the police, and the army," he told me, "because we're facing terrorism - it's not a joke, not like in a film. We're very anxious about this situation - I'm the director of a school; I'm not James Bond."
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But he couldn't go through with it and asked his wife and GP for help. He was put in touch with a psychiatrist and eventually made a full recovery. The experience also led to a new career - first in the NHS on suicide prevention work, then as a mental health first aid instructor and trainer.
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“The loggers seem to be very well organized and armed. Unfortunately our local forest guards do not have the capacity to confront them,” said Shamte Mahawa Mangwi, village executive officer in Rufiji.
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“Uptown Funk” makes “Blurred Lines” seem like a work of stunning originality by comparison. It isn’t even a song. It’s a vamp, a rush of “hit me” rhythms of the style patented, and made deep, by James Brown. The vocal on “Funk,” by Bruno Mars, may have zip, but it lacks soul, not to mention an ounce of individuality. Luckily for Ronson, zip alone can apparently carry you to No. 1.
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Several Russian lawmakers have criticised both Nabiullinaand Yudayeva for letting the rouble plummet last year afterfloating the currency in November. Some called in December fortheir resignation.
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The U.S. Energy Information Administration on Tuesdayforecast production in the United States will rise at theslowest pace in five years in 2016 - and that is under ascenario that sees prices jumping back to $75 that year.
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He was part of the team of journalists that earned the paper Pulitzer Prizes in 1998 for the North Hollywood shootout and in 2004 for the Southern California wildfires. In 2010, he was named a \"Distinguished Journalist\" by the Greater Los Angeles chapter of the Society of Professional Journalists.
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The move follows Friday's announcement that the largest U.S. casino operator had the backing of senior noteholders for its plan to cut the debt of the operating unit, known as CEOC, to $8.6 billion from $18.4 billion.
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Given that the Internet is so revolutionary, the stockpicking way is particularly tempting, but if the innovation ismore ground breaking, more lunches are going to be eaten.WhatsApp looks like a revolution, and so it may be, but it isvery hard to gauge both how sustainable and profitable it willbe and whose profits it will eat. Better instead to take amodest premium from a more efficient, better connected world.
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Yet with Giancarlo as the sole Republican on the CFTC board, just how effective will he be in pushing for changes to existing swap rules? Some industry experts believe the key will be with the chairman of the CFTC, Timothy Massad, who many view as a more pragmatic and less ideological policymaker.
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Among the supporters who attended his new Margiela show in London, which featured several striking red dresses, were model Kate Moss, whose wedding dress Galliano designed, and the Burberry Chief Executive Officer Christopher Bailey.
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Though he will make the trip with the team — the start of a brutal three-game stretch — it is "most unlikely" that Stepan will play against the Bruins. Coach Alain Vigneault vaguely referred to Stepan's ailment as an upper-body injury, though it is likely the center hurt his right hand after suffering an unpenalized slash from Isles forward Matt Martin in the first period of Tuesday's 3-0 loss. As of Wednesday, the Rangers weren't prepared to make a call up from AHL-Hartford.
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Indonesia AirAsia Flight QZ8501 lost contact with air traffic control in bad weather on Dec. 28, less than halfway into a two-hour flight from the city of Surabaya to Singapore. All 162 people on board were killed.
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On Wednesday, the Delaware judge, Kevin Gross, refused tohold an emergency hearing until Caesars' operating unit hadactually filed for bankruptcy. But once it did, he sounded opento considering the issue on short notice.
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Then in the second period, the Isles took command. The Rangers became desperate and sloppy, lost their backchecks, their purpose. “We haven’t given up that many shots in as long as I can remember,” Ryan McDonagh said. “We didn’t have the puck a lot because we were the slower team tonight.”
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As OPEC chooses to maintain output, an expanding surplus of crude has hammered global markets, driving both WTI and Brent down by some 60 percent since June and putting near-term oil prices at a $9-a-barrel or more discount versus those in a year’s time - a structure known as “contango” that makes it advantageous to buy crude now and store it for later sales.
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The planning system and local opposition to building were two of the main reasons cited. The Home Builders Federation says that while things have improved recently the planning system is "still far too slow, bureaucratic and expensive".
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The real issue is this: Religion kills. Plain and simple. All religion. It kills the spirit of free questioning and open inquiry. Whether with a smile or a smirk or a sword, it kills and perverts the mind, with fear and falsehoods and fables, with guilt and poisons and prejudices, with wasted lives yearning for pie in the sky when you die. It kills and slaughters and maims physically, brother against brother, us against them, an eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth until all are left blind and toothless, or worse. From the bloody bible to the bloody koran, physical and mental horrors have been committed in the name of religion by hucksters and frauds and fascists who claim to speak for god, and with god, and through god. And we fall for it God did this, God told me. God loves that. God hates this. God wants this. Oh, and please please please drop another coin in the basket before you leave …as god demands. Their so-called holy books are nothing but recipes for our enslavement and torture, written by self-serving, and all-too-human control-freaks. Like shorn sheep, like lemmings, we are led to our mental and physical debasement and slaughter, time and time again. Enough. Get off your knees Stand up like the proud Men and Women that you truly are, and choose to live your own lives, in your own ways. Walk tall on your own path – with your own meanings and mistakes and methods. Break the chains of dependency and submissiveness and religion, and breathe the fresh and healing air of freedom. Deeply. Fully. Finally.
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"You could have members of the same family on different insurance policies, or some not on insurance at all. Maybe they don't have a filing requirement, or maybe they live with a set of grandparents," Krutilek says. "There are so many possible variations to consider."
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“There is no doubt that this year highlighted a new shape of trade for the Christmas period.” Mark Lewis, online director at John Lewis said “Black Friday was John Lewis’s biggest ever week for sales in our 150 year history.”
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N'DJAMENA (Reuters) - Chad said on Wednesday it was ready to actively help Cameroon fight Boko Haram militants attacking it from Nigeria, and called on other countries in the region to translate pledges of support into concrete action.
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** Japanese staffing firm Recruit Holdings Co Ltd said itplanned to buy Chandler Macleod Group Ltd and anotherAustralian staffing firm for a combined sum of about A$360million ($290 million), as it speeds its global expansion.
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The United States is the leading oil and gas producer in theworld thanks to the spread of hydraulic fracturing, known asfracking. Officials said while emissions from the sector aredown 16 percent since 1990, they are set to rise 25 percentbetween now and 2025 if left unabated.
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He added: "Its success can also be attributed to its excellent work at managing customer experience. It takes into account customer feedback and constantly update its devices' software and content offering accordingly.
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He says that under the May 30 measures, starting from this year, the industrial managers who are technically public officials will be given as much freedom as many private managers would have in regular market capitalist economy.
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After the meeting, attorney Spencer Kuvin told reporters outside the LAPD's downtown headquarters that his client had spoken to investigators to seek "justice and accountability." Chloe Goins was 18 and a guest at the mansion party when the attack took place, he said. According to Kuvin, she says she was drugged, blacked out and awoke to find herself naked and the naked comedian standing over her.
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At the same time, the growth in pay TV subscriptions - once tied to a robust housing market - is at a near standstill. MoffettNathanson Research estimates quarterly subscriber losses of about 0.1 percent over the past two years.
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Lately, he's been eyeing such large-cap companies asoilfield servicer Baker Hughes Inc, whose shares are up3 percent over the last 3 months, and oil producer EOG ResourcesInc, whose shares are up 2 percent over the same time.Shares of these companies seem to be forming a floor, a term intechnical analysis which suggests that the stocks are back on anupward trend.
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Sete Brasil plans to spend over $25 billion by the end ofthe decade to build as many as 29 deep-water drilling platformsthat will be leased to Brazil's state-controlled oil producerPetrleo Brasileiro SA. Petrobras, as the oil producer is known,is among Sete Brasil's main shareholders.
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“You know, people need to leave him alone because we’re the same age… He handles himself, he takes care of his family, he loves his fans. He just doesn’t make 100 percent of the best decisions 100 percent of the time.”
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Last August, controversy over images showing people's heads placed on spikes in Syria prompted the Family Online Safety Institute (Fosi) - a member of Facebook's safety advisory board - to demand the social network change its practices.
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Cashman said he moved some of the coaches around because he felt it worked better. Espada, who will also coach defense, was a third-base coach with the Marlins. “I could’ve put him at first, but with his capabilities at third, I felt that putting Joe there would make us better,” Cashman said. “Now we have two guys at the corners who speak Spanish and English.”
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Being the country’s most powerful neighbor, Saudi Arabia has been the traditional power broker in Yemeni politics since the civil war of the 1960s. It was the Saudis, for example, who engineered the removal of former President Ali Abdullah Saleh, a member of the Zaidi Shi’ite sect, in November 2011. Equally, during the Huthi rebellion, Saudi Air Force jets are alleged to have bombed Huthi targets in Sada province, close to the Saudi border. The 2004 Shi’ite insurgency was seen in Riyadh as a threat to the stability of Yemen itself and the security of the Saudi state with its own large Shi’ite minority.
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The so-called black boxes - which are actually orange - contain a wealth of data that will be crucial for investigators piecing together the sequence of events that led to the plane plunging into the sea.
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Early reports associated with playing Nintendos ranged from seizures - known as ‘Nintendo epilepsy' - to incontinence in children who were so engrossed in playing, they would not stop to go to the toilet.
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Dutch researchers monitored the health of over 6,100 mothers and their children every year until the children were six years of age. Information on wheezing and asthma symptoms was gathered, as was the sleeping patterns of the children when they were two months old and two years old.
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Foreign Minister Pavlo Klimkin said a new meeting of the "contact group" that brings together Ukraine, Russia and the Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe could be held in the coming days to consider the next move under a peace plan mapped out in Minsk, Belarus, last September.
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The talks are supposed to bring together delegates from theself-declared government which took over the capital Tripolilast year, as well as the internationally recognised governmentof Prime Minister Abdullah al-Thinni - and the armed forcesallied to the rival administrations.
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IS, for example, has targeted the poorest districts of Mosul and Raqqa, the two most populous cities that it controls in Iraq and Syria, and recruited soldiers and policemen, supplying them with weapons, salaries or even empowering them by setting up a "patrol" force.
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"Faulty seasonal adjustments from shifts in holiday spending patterns are probably more to blame for the December decline," said Steve Blitz, chief economist at ITG in New York. "Looking at the last three months, spending is not collapsing."
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However, while legal expenses rose to $1.1 billion in thefourth quarter, from $847 million a year earlier, total legalcosts of $2.9 billion for the year were far less than the $11.1billion recorded in 2013.
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For their part, drug and device makers have argued that releasing data — notably, patient-level data — can allow trade secrets to circulate; may compromise patient privacy; undermines trust in the regulatory system; increases the risk data would be misinterpreted; and lessens incentives for research. For these reasons, some companies have been reluctant to grant much, if any access, altough others have taken steps to do so.
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“Eric didn't have much luck in love so he stayed with us often,” said Brant. “The kids were in bed and we were enjoying a glass of wine when Eric offered to re-fill my glass. The next thing I remember is being hit and then everything went black.”
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After three days of violence by Islamist gunmen, the French government announced that 10,000 police and military personnel would be moved into place around key sites - half of them around Jewish schools and religious centres.
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Jackson took a moment to recall Elaine Stritch, who lived and performed at the Carlyle Hotel. When he first came to New York, friends told him he couldn’t say he’d “made it” until he saw the legendary actress without pants. She came backstage, he said, when he was doing an Encores concert version of “Damn Yankees,” told him he was terrific, then pulled down her pants to give herself an insulin shot.
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A record number of Israeli portfolio companies withvaluations of hundreds of millions of dollars, togetherwith positive investor sentiment in the Nasdaq, has made iteasier for VC firms to raise capital, said Ofer Sela, a partnerin KPMG's technology group.
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Men who have had many female sexual partners during their life have a reduced risk of developing prostate cancer, but those who have had many male sexual partners have an increased risk, new research suggests.
Co-op City residents complained in March after it was disclosed that they had been kept in the dark about two previous incidences that sickened residents of one building in the complex in 2012 and 2013.
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"When you look at the polling, [it] shows a vast majority of Americans agree with our positions on virtually every issue, it's just that they don't always know that we have those positions," said Rep. Steve Israel, D-N.Y., the former head of the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee and the chairman of a new 16-member group — the House Democratic Policy and Communications Committee — formed to address outreach.
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Furthermore, while a link was found between asthma risk and the number of times a child had been given the painkiller, this link virtually disappeared when respiratory tract infections were taken into account, ‘making it unlikely that paracetamol is a clinically important risk factor for asthma'.
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“I am finally going home. Know that this evening as far as I am concerned, I’m feeling Charlie Coulibaly,” he wrote on Sunday, hours after millions had taken part in rallies throughout France. He later deleted the remark.
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"It's a straight read-across. Global growth estimates are being revised down and metals prices are slumping, forcing large investors to cut their exposure to the sector," said David Battersby, investment manager at Redmayne-Bentley.
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Google in past years has begun to expand beyond its hometurf of Internet search and advertising, seeking to extend itstechnological dominance to fields as diverse as self-drivingcars and robotics.
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Clearly, Ryan panicked and took the first job offered rather than perhaps sitting out a year and risk never getting another head coaching offer. He used to work for Brian Billick in Baltimore. Even though Billick is a Super Bowl winning coach, he never got another head coaching job after he was fired following the 2007 season.
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Brazil's central bank releases its IBC-Br index of economic activity, a monthly proxy for grossdomestic product data, for November. (0530/1030) Peru releases data on economic activity for November. The country's finance minister has saidNovember's growth rate could be slower than the 2.37 percent year-on-year expansion posted inOctober (1100/1600).Central Bank of Chile meets to decide the benchmark interest rate. Analysts expect the bank tohold the rate unchanged at 3 percent. (1600/2100) (Compiled By Astha Rawat in Bengaluru; Edited by Maju Samuel)
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Privacy advocates applauded the proposal to require companies to strip private information from the data they share, and cautiously welcomed a call for new privacy rules that will determine how federal agencies are allowed to use and store the data.
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"These growth fears are keeping markets busy, and it islinked with the deflation question," said Christian Gattiker,chief strategist and head of research at Bank Julius Baer. "Wedo have the stress in financial market because it's about thesolvency and liquidity of oil producers."
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In the meantime, the highest rate Quinn was able to find was1.4 percent at EverBank for "yield-pledge" checkingwith a $1,500 minimum opening deposit and an ongoing balance ofbetween $50,000 and $100,000.
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The influx of foreign fighters from the Arab world and beyond is also a proof of the strength of the IS counter-narrative and its ability to turn foot soldiers into loyal killing machines ready to give their life for the group.
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A man is silhouetted against the logo of the World Bank at the main venue for the International Monetary Fund (IMF) and World Bank annual meeting in Tokyo October 10, 2012.
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The Department of Public Safety announced that the bus crashed when crossing over an icy bridge. It fell off the bridge, crashing into a train. The prisoners were being moved from a prison in Abilene to a prison in El Paso.

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