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26 Jan 2015 | by Mark Tucker

"In this scene you saw my butt and sideboob," she recalled. "I talked to my dad about it beforehand and got really emotional talking to him because it was the first time I had really done something like that and I really cared what my parents thought.
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His widow, 26-year-old Hayat Boumeddiene, is now France’s most wanted woman. She is believed to have crossed the Turkish border into a section of Syria controlled by brutal Islamic State goons before the shooting started.
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Shiramizu’s reform began in 2009 with a decision to terminate a routine redesign of its Mira mini-car in order to recast it as a strategic car: the Mira e:S. Shiramizu says the trigger was “gaiatsu,” or foreign pressure, which he says threatened to kill the special category of vehicles in Japan - called “kei,” or light, cars - that Daihatsu specialized in.
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"Patients with depression are nearly six times more likely to die within six months after a heart attack than those without depression. The increased risk of death in patients with depression persists up to 18 months after the heart attack. But despite the fact that post-heart attack depression is common and burdensome, the condition remains under-recognised and undertreated," he noted.
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Under Watt's leadership, the FHFA spent much of last yearexpanding credit availability, including compelling Fannie Maeand Freddie Mac to launch programs that allow more borrowers tomake down payments as low as 3 percent of a property's value.
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Sete Brasil could get part of BNDES' loan worth 10 billionreais by the end of February, said a first source who requestedanonymity since talks are underway. BNDES delayed disbursementof the loan for about two years, citing a lack of guarantees,the same source added.
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Inspire magazine has previously published several "how-to" articles, including one on making bombs out of pressure cookers. That article ran prior to the Boston Marathon bombing in 2013, in which two radicalized immigrants used two of the modified kitchen devices to kill three people and injure more than 200.
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BBC NI journalist Eve Blair has been tweeting these pictures of her epic journey to work this morning from Strabane to Londonderry. She says the roads are "treacherous" and that there were large drifts along the way.
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The study published earlier this month in the journal PLOS ONE was based on DNA taken from nearly 2,800 polar bears in countries where the animals live - the United States, Russia, Canada, Greenland and Norway.
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Prospective jurors will undergo individualquestioning starting on Thursday. Twelve of them will be selected—along with six alternates—for the trial, which is expected to begin on Jan. 26.
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Citizens of France and much of Europe have been unsettled and angered by last week's terrorist attack in which 12 people were killed at the Paris offices of Charlie Hebdo, a satirical newspaper, and another attack two days later in which a gunman took hostages and killed four people at a kosher grocery in Paris.
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Lewis has the tough task of restoring faith in Tesco, oncethe dominant force in the British retail landscape, after a 263million pound ($400 million) accounting scandal and four profitwarnings last year.
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Giving Brilinta to patients who had a heart attack over ayear ago could more than double the number of people eligiblefor the medicine, which the company has predicted couldeventually generate sales of $3.5 billion a year.
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"In the end we used herds of mostly sheep with some goats mixed in as we found the goats were harder to control," he says of his company Ewe-niversally Green. "We found that the goats led all the mutinies."
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"Man Seeking Woman" was created by humorist Simon Rich and inspired by his novel "The Last Girlfriend on Earth." He said his goal was to find extramundane metaphors to depict the emotional roller coaster involved in 21st century dating.
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Democrats, meanwhile, said the rules fell short because they lack elements such as "real-time" reporting and a definition of a "block trade," a large trade typically reported with a lag time so it does not tip off other traders.
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"I have a ton of drivers and they are all great guys, but Oumar especially always has a big smile on his face. It couldn't happen to anyone better," he said. "I'm happy as hell for my driver."
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Consumers in Daihatsu's key markets outside Japan - Indonesia and Malaysia - are also used to driving under brutal road conditions, which often force them to replace parts quickly. They don't expect parts to last for five to 10 years, so they are more willing to sacrifice durability for price, he says.
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One particularly poignant feature provided by Classroom is the ability for students to “archive” classes. As Google elaborates in an official blog post, “archiving a class will remove it from the home page and make it read-only,” meaning teachers and class members can still view archived classes. Classroom’s archiving feature will essentially create a searchable database of past lessons that can continue to serve as an academic resource far past the expiration date of any given course.
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The performances in Chicago ( will vary from traditional shadow puppetry by New York's Chinese Theatre Works, to the animated drawings of Canadian Daniel Barrow, and what is described as "a live-action three-dimensional cartoon" performed by 15 puppeteers of In the Heart of the Beast Puppet and Mask Theatre of Minneapolis.
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For the study, researchers compared lisdexamfetamine with a placebo in 259 and 255 adults suffering from moderate to severe BED during a trial span from May 2011 through Jan. 2012, which was administered in doses of 30, 50 or 70 milligrams.
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The Department of Public Safety announced that the bus crashed when crossing over an icy bridge. It fell off the bridge, crashing into a train. The prisoners were being moved from a prison in Abilene to a prison in El Paso.
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WHEN THE GIANT defensive players trotted to the bench after forcing the Colts to punt a thunderous garland of cheers were draped on their shoulders. There was less than five minutes to go. Three plays later, as Conerly whipped a sideline pass to Alex Webster for a first down on the 34, there was only four minutes left.
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The WHO said that globally, more and more countries are ‘moving towards malaria elimination'. Last year, two countries - Azerbaijan and Sri Lanka - reported no indigenous cases of the disease for the first time. Another 11 countries succeeded in maintaining no cases, including Egypt, Argentina, Iraq, Morocco and Georgia.
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If you can't see, applying make-up is not simply about working at it until you achieve the look you want. It's an exercise in trying to look your best using your sense of touch and methodically counting the number of brush strokes or finger swipes to ensure an even coating.
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"Critical facts about the intrusion remain unclear,including details concerning the cause of the breach and thenature of any procedures adopted or contemplated to preventfurther breaches," more than a dozen states said in a lettersent to the bank last week. Reuters obtained a copy of theletter on Wednesday following a report in the New York Times.
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Jon Schuppe is a writer on the enterprise unit at NBC News. He arrived in April 2014, after two years writing national enterprise stories for NBC’s local websites. Before that, he covered crime and politics in New York and New Jersey, including several years at The Star-Ledger in Newark, where he investigated street gangs, gun trafficking, the drug trade, botched murder cases and juvenile offenders. His story about an ex-con baseball coach became the basis of his narrative non-fiction book, “A Chance to Win,” published by Henry Holt in 2013. His work has won several national and local journalism awards. He lives in New Jersey with his wife and children.
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As part of a campaign to cut red tape, it said it planned to withdraw proposals made by the previous EU executive, including on air pollution and reducing waste, spurring a backlash from some member states and political groupings.
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We have made this an early priority of this Congress, demonstrating we can come together on a bipartisan basis to protect the vitality of the Internet — now so indispensable to our economy and way of life.Enduring, long-term protections for our digital freedoms are something we should all support.
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Privacy advocates applauded the proposal to require companies to strip private information from data they share, and cautiously welcomed a call for new privacy rules that would determine how federal agencies are allowed to use and store such data.
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Since scientists first started to develop game-playing artificial intelligence, there have been a series of famous cases where computer algorithms developed strategies better than the very best human players.
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Part of the Statement of Case, collated by the members of the public who brought the legal action, details an array of alleged misdeeds in the run-up to the election last May, when he was re-elected as mayor.
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"Finding the mechanism linking low doses of BPA to adverse brain development and hyperactivity is almost like finding a smoking gun,” said Hamid Habibi, a professor of environmental toxicology and comparative endocrinology in the Faculty of Science.
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"Tiger's had a great career, and I don't think his career is over," 18-times major winner Nicklaus said during a conference call on Wednesday to promote a documentary on his career that will air on Fox TV on Sunday.
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“When we — the first time we created something called a tuck rule, it’s the only reason we know… I’m just being honest. The only reason we know who Tom Brady is, because of a tuck rule. There’s no such thing as a tuck rule If the ball is in your hand, and I knock it out your hand, whether it’s going backwards, forwards, lateral, sideways, however it’s coming out, that’s a freaking fumble…. They don’t go to that championship game, they don’t go to that championship game if that tuck rule, if that ball is not called a tuck That’s a fumble.”
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The president praised Cedar Falls for its high-speed network, saying, “You can log on for about the same price as some folks pay for a fully loaded cable bundle. Folks around the nation want these broadband networks.”
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The state parole board has to hold a hearing on the request by Wahlberg and send a recommendation to the governor, who decides whether to issue a pardon. Final say then rests with the Governor’s Council, an elected body.
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The IHF workplace programme has been working with Irish companies for over two decades, helping to create supportive and healthier workplaces. This year alone, 70 companies received Healthy Eating Awards, which focus on promoting and providing healthy meal options to employees.
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Get Ireland Walking is funded by the Government's national framework for better health, Healthy Ireland, and the Irish Sports Council. It is also supported by a number of organisations, including the Irish Heart Foundation, Arthritis Ireland and the GAA.
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Google has been briefing the National Highway Traffic SafetyAdministration, the chief U.S. auto regulator, "from early on inour program," Urmson said. "The worst thing we could do issurprise them."
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At the same time, the growth in pay TV subscriptions - oncetied to a robust housing market - is at a near standstill.MoffettNathanson Research estimates quarterly subscriber lossesof about 0.1 percent over the past two years.
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Petraeus, a warrior-scholar whose career arced from West Point to top positions overseeing the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, now faces another potentially embarrassing public spectacle after stepping down in 2012 as the nation’s spy chief.
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Get Ireland Walking is funded by the Government's national framework for better health, Healthy Ireland, and the Irish Sports Council. It is also supported by a number of organisations, including the Irish Heart Foundation, Arthritis Ireland and the GAA.
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This is perverse. It has had the effect of miring the eurozone in unemployment and deflation — thereby helping create conditions reminiscent of the 1930s, when economic misery helped radicalize the middle and working classes.
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Half of the 10,000 governor, officer and support worker posts that have been cut in publicly-funded jails since 2010 were lost in 2013-14 - temporary officers were bussed into the jails hardest hit from other prisons, so-called "detached duty".
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Lloyd Pengilly - head of mining fund QKR Corp - is convincedthe gold sector holds the best opportunities in mining. In JuneQKR bought the Navachab Gold mine in Namibia from AngloGoldAshanti. It is now in talks with a number of goldcompanies for potential acquisitions, joint ventures and fundingdeals.
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Investors have grown worried about weak global growth andfalling commodities prices, and drops in the S&P 500 stock indexreflect that concern. The CBOE Volatility Index, or VIX,has jumped above 22, a sign of elevated anxiety.
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“They’re getting the reputation for being a pretty gutsy company that’s willing to get things done,” Marco Caceres, director of space studies with Teal Group, a Fairfax, Virginia-based consultant, said in a Jan. 10 phone interview.
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It centred on what Irish people know about a healthy diet and found that while over 80% of people feel that they generally make healthy food choices, 90% do not know what the recommended daily intake of fibre is.
More than 29,000 bitcoins seized during the 2013 raid were sold by US marshals in June this year for $17m (11m). The FBI is believed to be in possession of a larger hoard of bitcoins seized from the site.
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Busch has testified that he repeatedly told Driscoll to leave after she showed up unannounced at his motorhome, finally cupping her cheeks in his hands, looking her in the eye and telling her she had to go.
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Hit by a slide in sugar prices, the cash-strapped sugar andethanol producer has been in discussions with creditors andpotential new investors for months, as it seeks to strengthenits capital structure and reduce its debt burden.
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"Air safety is at the core of all our aviation activity and we take very seriously our obligations to our people and the wider community to ensure that our activities are both as safe as reasonably practicable and comply with relevant policy and legislation."
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Obama's administration will aid towns financially and technically in improving internet service, a plan that doesn't require congressional approval. The announcement comes as part of Obama's State of the Union address preview.
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Compared to black women, non-Hispanic white women were more likely to be diagnosed when their breast cancer was at an early stage, the research showed. And black women had a higher risk of dying from their breast cancer, compared to white women.
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The fear is spreading beyond California. One victim traveled to the Seattle area for the holidays, flying there and back to California on two different airlines. The woman in her 20s is not vaccinated, and she is the latest example of a controversial trend.
“The firearm that was sitting on the floor was in plain and open view and was not securely encased. It was readily accessible for immediate use,” the report reads. “Also, the firearm that was in the backpack was not securely encased either because the bag was completely open.”
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During his annual address in front the Republican-controlled state legislature, Walker credited his fiscal policy and reforms with shrinking state property taxes for what he called a typical home by $141 and decreasing the unemployment rate from 9.2 to 5.2 percent.
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According to Chief Superintendent Michael O'Sullivan, of the Garda National Traffic Bureau, many people may be travelling to different parts of the country over the coming days, especially with the school holidays.
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Lumping together European Jews and European Muslims in some sort of common class of victimhood at the hands of right-wingers is utterly incoherent. And recognizing Marx’s communist manifesto as the source is even more troubling.
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"Early evidence suggests that Africans came to India as early as the 4th Century. But they really flourished as traders, artists, rulers, architects and reformers between the 14th Century and 17th Century," he says.
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The Dow Jones industrial average fell 235.69 points,or 1.34 percent, to 17,377.99, the S&P 500 lost 21.93points, or 1.08 percent, to 2,001.1 and the Nasdaq Composite dropped 37.89 points, or 0.81 percent, to 4,623.61.
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By this formulation, Cameron appeared to imply that the Clegg-Miliband-Cameron debate might not now be “credible”. And could the term “national parties” be stretched to include George Galloway’s Respect? Or even the Scottish “National” Party currently threatening legal action to force its inclusion in the multi-party debate — a nightmare for Labour?
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I wasn't in the market for lawn ornaments or decorative plates, but I knew that if I wanted to get a proper, well-rounded look at South Dakota I had to do some research on historical cultural artefacts. I had a feeling this would be a place to do it.
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"The global economy will never again be what it used to bein 2000-07 and the situation in Russia will never be the same,"Ulyukayev said, referring to the economic boom years under Putinwhen the global oil price soared. "It will be much morecomplicated. It already is much more."
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The Knicks’ $124 million man admitted on Monday that the best solution to his recurring left knee soreness is surgery. Anthony last played Dec. 31 against the Clippers in Los Angeles and is still hopeful to return Thursday against Milwaukee in London. But at some point the most disappointing season of Anthony’s career may end on an operating table.
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In late December, yields of high-yield bonds jumped to 7.7percentage points higher than Treasuries, according to Bank ofAmerica Merrill Lynch data. At the end of August, high-yieldbonds offered yields just 3.7 percentage points more thanTreasuries.
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The islands are controlled by Japan. But since the Japanese government purchased three of them from their private Japanese owner in 2012, a long-simmering row over their ownership has escalated dramatically.
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"Critical facts about the intrusion remain unclear,including details concerning the cause of the breach and thenature of any procedures adopted or contemplated to preventfurther breaches," more than a dozen states said in a lettersent to the bank last week. Reuters obtained a copy of theletter on Wednesday following a report in the New York Times.
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Rumaysah’s public menacing should have won him a quick trip to the local constabulary for prosecution. Instead, he fled the country and has been posting online taunts claiming to be fighting in Syria with ISIS.
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"This case was very troubling to this court," a Baltimore judge M. Brooke Murdock said before handing down the sentence to Williams. "The community has a right to expect the police will respect the law."
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Dimon, speaking at an annual JPMorgan conference on healthcare, said he had little choice but to go public with his illness because his condition had deteriorated noticeably. He lost 35 pounds during his cancer fight, which included chemotherapy and radiation treatment.
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Dentists have expressed their outrage over the closure of a HSE dental clinic in Dublin that provides urgent treatment to children. However, Fine Gael has insisted that no child will be left without treatment.
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NEWS ITEM - A woman has been jailed on charges she broke into a stranger's central Pennsylvania home after a night of drinking and was found by police in bed. The Centre Daily Times reports state police responded to an alarm about 4:15 a.m. Sunday in Liberty Township, Centre County.
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The researchers from Johns Hopkins School of Medicine in the US reported they had found a correlation between the number of cell divisions that take place in a given tissue and the likelihood that it would become cancerous. They looked at 31 tissue types (two common cancers, prostate and breast cancer, were not considered).
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Most of the productive Muslims I know have moved out of places that are predominantly muslim. They are seeking the smarter, harder working people and institutions of the west. Because Islam, left to its own unchecked devices…. produces cave men.
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As a result, some investors are selling "out-of-the-money"call options in big names that have recently hit all-time highsas a way of collecting some income as the market hits a roughpath. The seller of a call option charges a premium to give thebuyer the right to buy a stock at a certain price by a specificdate.
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Colombia is the first nation in Latin America to receive thenew service, in partnership with local mobile phoneprovider Tigo, but the aim is to push the application across theregion.

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