ThinkGenealogy Innovator Award #5

Tuesday, 23 Feb 2010 | by Mark Tucker

The winner of the next ThinkGenealogy Innovator award has been doing some exciting things in the area of genealogy conferences.  That might not be an area that we normally associate with innovation, but that is precisely what Family History Expos, Inc. has been doing.


Before Family History Expos (formerly My Ancestors Found) started doing conferences in 2005, the two main options were attending a national conference or one sponsored by a local or regional genealogical society.  Over the last few years, FHExpos has organized conferences in an increasing number of locations including, Utah, California, Colorado, and Arizona.  This year they will also host conferences in Missouri and Georgia.

Their model is to find interesting presenters that are willing to share their family history knowledge in exchange for admission to the conference.  This keeps the price of the 2-day conference to around dollars which is a bargain for the approximately 1000 attendees that register for each conference.  In addition to two full days of presentations with multiple sessions each hour, there is a top-notched exhibit hall that is free to the public.


Worth Tucker Diary – 23 Feb 1903

Tuesday, 23 Feb 2010 | by Mark Tucker


[Monday, February 23, 1903]


1903 put on Lathe for Bro.,

Charles pulsipher my


[Note: On page 44 of “Reading Early American Handwriting” by Kip Sperry it says that the “capital L often looks like a capital S.”  So I have transcribed the word as “Lathe”.  In Wikitonary lath is defined as: “A thin, narrow strip of wood, nailed to the rafters, studs, or floor beams of a building, for the purpose of supporting the tiles, plastering, etc.”  That would make sense with all the plastering work Worth has been doing.]

Video: Family ChArtist Overview

Monday, 22 Feb 2010 | by Mark Tucker



Last month at the Arizona Family History Expo, I was surprised by what I saw at the Generation Maps booth.  For 15 minutes, Janet Hovorka showed me around Family ChArtist and it just made sense – empower family historians to create beautiful custom charts and streamline the entire process.  On the technology side, the website uses Flash which allows the chart creation application to do things that a standard HTML page cannot.  When she told me that 8.5 x 11 inch charts could be freely printed on my own printer, I couldn’t wait to try it.

The other day I heard the buzz about the Family ChArtist release and couldn’t wait any longer to try it out, so I came up with a plan.  I would ask Janet if there were any videos available for the website and if not I would offer to do one.  Having been in crunch time of application development many times, I figured that there was a good chance that she had not got around to doing any videos yet.  Success!  She fell for it. I got early access to the application, and created a video overview to satisfy my end of the bargain.


Worth Tucker Diary – 22 Feb 1903

Monday, 22 Feb 2010 | by Mark Tucker


[Sunday, February 22, 1903]


1903 went up to Bro.,

H, F, Johnson about 6 miles

above Dublan on business

as I was living in his house at


Worth Tucker Diary – 21 Feb 1903

Sunday, 21 Feb 2010 | by Mark Tucker


[Saturday, February 21, 1903]


1903 put on shingles

for J.A.P. [Julia Abby Pulsipher nee Johnson]

Worth Tucker Diary – 20 Feb 1903

Saturday, 20 Feb 2010 | by Mark Tucker


[Friday, February 20, 1903]


1903 plastered in house

for J.A.P. [Julia Abby Pulsipher nee Johnson]

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