Analysis of a Boy Scout Membership Card – Part 2

Friday, 29 Jan 2010 | by Mark Tucker

In part 1 of this series, we looked at the membership card and got a general feel for the information it contained.  In this part, we will look at the 1930 census to see what information we can find.

I have two options easily available to me to look for the 1930 Census for Texas: and Footnote.  I could also check Heritage Quest at the local library or access at a Family History Center.  Turns out that Record Search on FamilySearch does not contain the 1930 US Census for Texas, so let’s look at Footnote.

For those with a subscription to Footnote, you can find the image here.


For Taylor county, Texas in precinct 7 we find James V. Ross (age 7) with his older brother Cecil W Ross (age 9) and their mother Lizzie N Ross (age 40).  Lizzie is divorced living with her parents, William S & Mary E Burton.  To be exact, Lizzie is listed as the daughter of the head of household, William Burton. It is possible that Mary is not her mother.  We would have to find the family in the 1880 – 1920 census to confirm.

Using the Standard Finder on determine that Corsicana, TX is in Navarro county.  Using Ancestry’s Red Book, we learn that Taylor county was formed in 1858 and Navarro county in 1846.

This map shows the location of the two counties:


The question is, how did James end up in the Corsicana State home in 1935 when he was over 200 miles away in Taylor county in 1930?

Let’s see if we can find the other people mentioned on the Boy Scout membership card in the 1930 census.  First, let’s look for E E English.  On Footnote, I do an advanced search for E English in Texas in the 1930 census as follows:


The search returns 61 matches, so I look through them to see if I can find EE.

There are four men that match the name pattern for E E English:

  • Emerett E English age 39: Texas » MIDLAND » JUSTICE PCT 1 » 165-3 » Sheet 10B
  • E E English age 60: Texas » PALO PINTO » MINERAL WELLS CITY » 182-11 » Sheet 5A
  • Edgar E English age 32: Texas » NAVARRO » TEXAS STATE ORPHAN HOME » 175-14 » Sheet 1B
  • Edward E English age 34: Texas » CLAY » PETROLIA TOWN » 39-5 » Sheet 3A

It looks like Edgar E English is our man.  The census sheet is from the State Orphan home and Edgar is listed as an employee, married, and with the occupation of florist.


I wonder if Eva and Thomas English listed below Edgar is his family and if they all live at the State Home.  Here is a link to the page on Footnote for those with a subscription:

A Boy Scout troop is associated with an organization whether it be a church, school or other organization.  It appears that Troop 253 is associated with the State Orphan Home. It makes sense that the Scoutmaster for the troop would be an employee of the home or school.

So, who was the guardian J.S. Halley? 

If we flip back a page in the census to the beginning of the entries for the State Orphan Home, we find the head of “household” was J. Stanford Halley and he was the Superintendent of the home.  His wife, Mable and daughter Frances live at the home as well.



The last person that we need to find in the 1930 census is J. F. M. Stephens.  He might be an employee of the Boy Scouts of America or a volunteer.  It is likely that he lived outside Corsicana, maybe even in Dallas.

Using the advanced search on Footnote, we find 216 matches for J Stephens in the 1930 census but only 4 match first name that starts with J and either initials that match F M or nothing that would conflict with them:

  • J F Stephens age 26 – Texas » WICHITA » ELECTRA CITY » 243-50 » Sheet 12B
  • J M Stephens age 15 – Texas » COLLIN » JUSTICE PCT 4 » 43-23 » Sheet 3A
  • J M Stephens age 42 – Texas » BEXAR » SAN ANTONIO CITY, WARD 7 » 15-135 » Sheet 15A
  • J Stephens age 44 – Texas » GRAY » JUSTICE PCT 3 » 90-10 » Sheet 4B

None of these seem like the correct person.  The only county that is close to Dallas county is Collin but the J M living there is too young.  Maybe our J F M Stephens didn’t live in Texas in 1930 but moved there before 1935. Maybe I made a mistake?  Is there an error in the index? I am stuck on this individual for now, but will likely return to search for him in another post. 

You are all invited to do some more searching for Mr. Stephens.  Please let me know what you find.  In April 2012 we can check the 1940 census to see which of these people are listed.  Can you find more information in other records about James Ross, Elizibith Ross, Edgar E English, and J Stanford Halley? I am really curious to find out what happened between 1930 and 1935 that resulted in James being at the State Orphan Home.

In our next part, we will try to learn more about Corsicana, TX and the state home.

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