Childhood Memory Monday – Green Machine

Monday, 11 Jan 2010 | by Mark Tucker


Here is something new I am trying here at ThinkGenealogy.  It’s called Childhood Memory Monday.  This is where I share something memorable from my childhood.  Sometimes I will present lessons learned or ponder why a certain memory is still “living” when so many have been forgotten.

Now, lets get rolling.

Back in the time when Big Wheels ruled the street (Did you own a Big Wheel?), a new challenger appeared…


It was called The Green Machine and was released in 1975:


Have you ever ridden a Green Machine? 

I still remember its awesomeness.  There is a need that little boys have above traveling from point A to B.  It involves speed, control, adrenaline, and spinning out!  I can still remember pedaling at top speed down the street and then thrusting one hand forward and the other back to start the spinning motion.

If you have never experienced this, maybe you can get an idea of what you missed from this video of the re-released Green Machine:


The Green Machine was such a coveted ride, that owning one could be dangerous. 

My mother ran a Day Care out of our house and one of the children didn’t like how I was not sharing my Green Machine.  In an effort to get me to share, the kid picked up a rock the size of a lunchbox with both hands and popped me over the head with it.  I started to bleed and was rushed to the bathroom sink to wash the wound. 

As I recall, I didn’t require stitches.

Lessons learned:

  • Thou shalt not covet thy care provider’s son’s Green Machine.
  • Sharing with others is not just nice, it can save your life.

Anyone have a similar experience with their Green Machine?  As a child, did you ever covet something to the point that it led to violence?  Why do you suppose I remember this so well?  What other lessons can be learned?  What would be a humorous title for this experience?

P.S. I wrote this article earlier in the week and shared it with my family.  Yesterday my oldest son and I were in the car driving through a neighborhood and guess what we saw?  A new-style green machine.  My son was the first to see it & proceeded to mock me.  I was excited enough at seeing one, that I rolled down the window and shouted: “Hey kid, nice green machine.”  I wonder if he will ever feel the same way about his first bicycle that I do about my green machine.


  1. My parents wouldn't get me a green machine, but they let me ride my big wheel down our giant hill and into the street so it was all good. Thinking back at all the stupid things we did, it's a wonder we survived. Then again, I'm really glad I grew up in the 70's/80's. Thanks for the memory.

    Comment by Amy Coffin — 11 Jan 2010 @ 1:40 pm

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