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Saturday, 9 Jan 2010 | by Mark Tucker

As a genealogist or family historian one of the first things that you do after setting up an account is find people to follow.  Even when you have been using  Twitter for months, you will still want to spend some time finding additional people that share your interests and follow them.

How do you go about finding people to follow on Twitter?  What tools can I use?  How do I find others interested in genealogy?

In this 10 minute video we will explore ways to find and follow genealogists on twitter.


The video shows a list of 12 people and 12 companies/organizations on Twitter that genealogists might be interested in following. 

Here is that list:


  1. AncestryInsider
  2. danlynch
  3. DearMYRTLE
  4. dickeastman
  5. footnoteMaven
  6. LisaCooke
  7. Lmeitzler
  8. lovegenealogy
  9. megansmolenyak
  10. rjseaver
  11. TamuraJones
  12. TheGenealogue



  1. Ancestrydotcom
  2. familylink
  3. familypursuit
  4. FamilyTreeMag
  5. FHExpos
  6. footnote
  7. geneabloggers
  8. geni
  9. genseek
  10. legacyfamily
  11. rootsmagic
  12. rootstelevision


The video also shows how to use the following tools:


What other genealogists or genealogy organizations would you recommend that people follow on Twitter?  What other tools or strategies do you use to find people to follow?  How can you tell if someone would be good to follow?  Any warning signs that would indicate that you shouldn’t follow someone?  What confuses you about following on Twitter?


  1. I'm have not signed up for Twitter but I do follow people on Twitter. I do so through RSS since each tweeter has their own RSS feed. You've given me a few new ones to follow. Thanks.

    Comment by Louis Kessler — 10 Jan 2010 @ 4:57 pm

  2. What a great instructional tool you've developed. I was not aware that WeFollow now has a most influential tag, even more surprised I'm on it. It could be that the criteria is using #genealogy in your Tweets.

    Perhaps you could do a post on creating this video. How did you capture the movement on your screen? Made for a very interesting post. (I know nothing about video.)

    And thank you for using footnoteMaven in your demo.


    Comment by footnoteMaven — 17 Jan 2010 @ 11:41 pm

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