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Thursday, 31 Dec 2009 | by Mark Tucker

My great grandfather, Worth Tucker, wrote a diary from Jan 1903 to Dec 1907.  The diary was printed by Samuel Ward Company, Boston, Mass. and was titled “A Line A Day.”

Ten years ago when I learned of its existence, I contacted the current owner and the Church Archives department of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints about the possibility of microfilming the diary.  That was completed and years later I was able to request a digitized copy of the microfilm.

It is my desire to learn more about my great grandfather, his family and associates and his daily actions so I will transcribe his diary and write what I learn on this blog.

Here is what the cover of the diary looks like:


The inside cover is blank, but the next page identifies the owner as Worth Tucker with what appears to be his signature.  He is identified as being born in North Carolina in 1870.  The other date, Jan 1st 1903, is the first date in the diary but I wonder what other significance it might have.  A location, Colonia Dia, Chihuahua, Mexico is also listed.  My hypothesis is that Worth is in Mexico at the time that the first entry was written:


[Front page]

Jan 1st 1903

Worth Tucker

Colonia Diaz



Dist[rict] of Galeana

Worth Tucker

Born in

North -


year 1870

Next we find the copyright page and prefatory:


[Copyright page]

Copyrighted 1892




[Prefatory page]


YOU have neither the time nor the inclination,

possibly, to keep a full diary.  Suppose, how-

ever, out of the multitude of matters that crowd

each day, you jot down in a line or two those

most worthy of remembrance.  Such a book will

be of the greatest value in after years.  What a

record of events, incidents, joys, sorrows, successes,

failures, things accomplished, things attempted.

This book is designed for just such a record.  It

can be commenced at any day of the year, and is

so printed that it is good for any five years.

    To illustrate how it should be used, suppose

that it begun on January 1.  Under that day, in

the first space, add the proper figures for the year

to the date as printed.  On the next day, January 2,

do likewise, and so on through the year.  When

the year is ended, begin again under January 1 for

the second year, adding the appropriate figures in

each of the second spaces, and so right through the

remaining years.


  1. Wow, this is quite a treasure. Thanks for choosing to share it with us. I can’t wait to see what’s in it.

    Comment by Amy Coffin — 2 Jan 2010 @ 3:44 pm

  2. This is really amazing, you now have documented history spoken first hand, I am sure it must be exciting reading it. Congratulations Mark

    Comment by Sanjay Maharaj — 4 Jan 2010 @ 1:43 pm

  3. I'm really enjoying these. When we lived in Tucson, our ward had many members whose ancestors had come up from "the colonies". At the time, I didn't really grasp what they'd been through. I'm looking forward to learning more about that period through your great-grandfather's experiences.

    Comment by Dean Richardson — 9 Jan 2010 @ 2:18 am

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