Worth Tucker Diary

Thursday, 31 Dec 2009 | by Mark Tucker

My great grandfather, Worth Tucker, wrote a diary from Jan 1903 to Dec 1907.  The diary was printed by Samuel Ward Company, Boston, Mass. and was titled “A Line A Day.”

Ten years ago when I learned of its existence, I contacted the current owner and the Church Archives department of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints about the possibility of microfilming the diary.  That was completed and years later I was able to request a digitized copy of the microfilm.

It is my desire to learn more about my great grandfather, his family and associates and his daily actions so I will transcribe his diary and write what I learn on this blog.

Here is what the cover of the diary looks like:



Become Mayor of the National Archives

Wednesday, 30 Dec 2009 | by Mark Tucker

What does a political title, a favorite repository of genealogists, an emerging new social networking site and a playground game all have in common?  Sounds like a crazy combination of unrelated things, but everything will soon become clearer.  It all has to do with foursquare which might become the hottest social networking site of 2010.


Even though the web site shares the same name, it doesn’t have much to do with the childhood playground game you might have played in elementary school.  Unless you consider that it is supposed to be fun, has to do with locations, moving around, “checking-in” at different locations, and claiming your spot at the top of the ranks.  On second thought, they both have a lot in common.

What is intended as a fun way to encourage people to go out on the town and visit various locations might just find a place in the genealogy world.


9 Genealogy Predictions for 2009 Reviewed

Tuesday, 29 Dec 2009 | by Mark Tucker

In December 2008, I wrote a blog post titled 9 Genealogy Predictions for 2009.  It is now time to review that list and see how well the predictions matched reality.

1.  Two more desktop genealogy applications will support source citation templates from Elizabeth Shown Mills’ Evidence Explained. Currently Legacy 7 and RootsMagic 4 support this. The other two might likely be Family Tree Maker and The Master Genealogist.

Family Tree Maker 2009 now supports source citation templates following Evidence Explained.  To my knowledge, no other desktop genealogy applications have announced this support.

2.  One major online database (Ancestry, WorldVitalRecords, FamilySearch, Footnote) will announce upcoming support for Evidence Explained source citations.  Other sites will soon follow with their own announcements.

I am disappointed that none of the mentioned online databases support Evidence Explained source citations.  Please correct me if I am mistaken.  If GenSeek is released in 2010, maybe it will be the first.


More Ways to Win Tickets to Arizona FHExpo

Thursday, 17 Dec 2009 | by Mark Tucker


Each Blogger of Honor at the 2nd Annual Arizona Family History Expo to be held January 22-23, 2010 was given two tickets to the Expo.  Some have chosen to hold contests to give the tickets away.  Each contest is different and each has a different deadline.

To increase your chances at winning free tickets, I encourage you to enter as many contests as possible.

Here is a list of the contests with deadlines:

Bookmark this post as I will keep it updated as other contests start.  If a contest for the Arizona Expo isn’t listed here and you know about it, leave a comment so that everyone has a chance to enter.

Mesa FHExpo 2010 Contest: Entry #5

Monday, 14 Dec 2009 | by Mark Tucker

Submitted by Nancy Hill

Glenn Hill,   Eagle Scout, 1955

Glenn Hill, Eagle Scout, 1955

Mesa FHExpo 2010 Contest: Entry #4

Monday, 14 Dec 2009 | by Mark Tucker

Submitted by Nancy Hill

Glenn Hill,         1952

Glenn Hill, 1952

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