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Friday, 9 Jan 2009 | by Mark Tucker
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Last November I presented a class titled: Navigating Research with the Genealogical Proof Standard.  The slides for this presentation are now available on SlideShare.  You can catch this presentation if you will be attending the 5th Annual St. George Family History Expo 2009 held February 27-28.


  1. Excellent! What a great resource! A significant amount of time and study has gone into that presentation and process. Thank you for sharing it.

    Kind regards,
    Joan Miller

    Comment by Joan Miller — 9 Jan 2009 @ 10:24 am

  2. Mark – what a great presentation. Even without being there, your visuals with excellent use of graphics in the presentation, gives the viewer the key points. Of course, it would be better to be in the audience but for those from a distance, you have provided an excellent resource.
    I will be sharing the url of this slide show with students so that they can watch it.

    Thanks for sharing it with everyone.

    Comment by Janet Iles — 17 Jan 2009 @ 7:21 am

  3. Excellent presentation materials and graphics plus the basic information is outstanding. Thank you for sharing this.

    Comment by Jeff — 27 Jan 2009 @ 1:01 am

  4. Mark,

    This is a wonderful presentation. Beautifully illustrated. You make a complex subject very easy to understand. Your students are fortunate.

    Thanks for sharing,


    Comment by Kathy Sullivan — 27 Jan 2009 @ 6:49 am

  5. Mark — Well done!!! I really enjoyed looking through your slides and would have enjoyed siting in the audience to hear your presentation. Your graphics are excellent. I love that you ended with your Genealogy Research Process Map which I have found very useful. Thanks for sharing with us.

    Comment by Sharon Clouse — 28 Jan 2009 @ 5:29 am

  6. Mark, this is incredibly good. You have chosen a really nice graphic representation for the process and it gently leads the audience to understand a most complicated subject. Really, really love it! Polly Kimmitt.

    Comment by Polly Kimmitt — 29 Jan 2009 @ 6:14 am

  7. Great job. It is so done so simple, but has such depth. I appreciate your sharing.


    Comment by Tina Sansone — 29 Jan 2009 @ 7:43 pm

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