“The Last Lecture” Published in NGS Magazine

Friday, 5 Dec 2008 | by Mark Tucker

My article titled, “The Last Lecture” has been published in the Oct-Dec 2008 issue of NGS Magazine.  This is the same article that appeared in Digital Genealogist back in the Sept/Oct 2008 issue and which was discussed in a blog post back in September.  I am pleased to share the perspective that I gained from Randy Pausch with an additional 10, 000 genealogists that subscribe to NGS Magazine.  In case your are wondering why I am calling it NGS Magazine instead of NGS NewsMagazine, starting with this issue the publication name has changed.


  1. You go Boy! Group D is so proud of you and your accomplishments of late. Author, Lecturer, who knows what next !

    Hugs, Handshakes and Pats on the Back,

    Your Fearless Leader and all of Group D

    Comment by Sheri Fenley — 5 Dec 2008 @ 9:01 am

  2. Mark, your article in the NGS was in my belief an excellent article and while normally I do not get emotional with anything I read from the NGS, I had to stop and remind myself how accurate your comments where about the legacy we all leave.

    On a side note you can never be certain that Randy’s Friends or Family will ever read this, for with todays technology anything is possible.

    Comment by Joel Natt — 5 Dec 2008 @ 2:34 pm

  3. Mark, I enjoyed your article and especially the comments on overcoming brick walls. I agree that we can break through them if we work hard enough. I heard Tony Burroughs talk about his brick wall grandfather with gratitude because it was the difficulty of the research on this ancestor that “taught him his craft.” We don’t learn as much from easy research.

    Comment by Angela McGhie — 6 Dec 2008 @ 3:59 pm

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