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Sunday, 20 Jul 2008 | by Mark Tucker

I can’t believe I figured it out! 

In a recent post, Bruce Buzbee teased the genealogy software community by smudging the text of a mysterious 4th tab.  In a way I hate to be the spoiler and steal Bruce’s thunder, but I can’t help myself.  Actually it is Bruce’s fault.  He threw down the gauntlet and issued the challenge.  Maybe after Bruce is finished getting mad at me, he will give me a copy of RootsMagic 4 for being so clever.

As some of you may know, I am a Software Architect for my day job so writing code is one of the things that I do.  We’ll I was able to take the sample screen shots of RootsMagic 4 and plug them into an algorithm which in simple terms I will call a “desmudger.”  Since the smudging was done using the Gaussian Blur algorithm that is common in most graphics programs, it wasn’t hard to find a code sample of that algorithm and modify it to come up with the reverse.  The cool thing is that my algorithm requires at least three image samples in order to triangulate correctly and thanks to Bruce, I had three different screens shots.  What good fortune for me!  Here you can see that each of the smudge samples is just slightly different requiring at least three for the algorithm to work.

RootsMagic 4 - Smudge Comparisons

For all the work I put into the preparation, it was a shame that it was over so quickly.  Maybe I should have thought ahead and at least programmed a drum roll into the simple application.  Anyway, when I saw what the text on the 4th tab was, I immediately had that “oh that makes total sense” feeling.  It is one of the most requested wishes of all the beginner genealogists that I have talked to.  Below is a link to an image of the tab area with the mystery tab revealed.  Click on it only if you really want to know what the tab is.  There is no going back after you click it.  Please don’t hate me too much Bruce.

Spoiler link – Click only if you really want to know

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