If You Could Hold a C-level Position, What Would it Be?

Wednesday, 16 Jan 2008 | by Mark Tucker

This reminds me of the question, “If you were a cookie, what kind would you be?” but a little more serious.  There are many common C-level positions that are familiar to us:

  • CEO – Chief Executive Officer
  • CFO – Chief Financial Officer
  • COO – Chief Operating Officer
  • CIO – Chief Information Officer
  • CTO – Chief Technology Officer

These corporate titles, among other things, show a company’s commitment to those areas.  If an area is important to a company, then there should be visibility all the way to the top. 

Bill Buxton in his book “Sketching User Experiences: getting the design right and the right design” on page 17 proposes that if design leadership is important to a company, then there should be a Chief Design Officer (CDO).

I found it interesting that in January 2007, Ancestry named Megan Smolenyak as Chief Family Historian (CFH)

So, if I were to choose I would either be a CDO for a genealogy software company or a CFH.

What about you?  What would you be?

What other genealogy related, C-level titles can you think of?

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  1. Mark, Some of those large genealogy companies need two high offices IMHO:

    CCT: Chief Census Transcriber
    CCI: Chief Census Indexer

    Gads! Some of the transcriptions and indexes makes me wonder if anyone ever reads that stuff before it is published! LOL!

    But to answer your first question, I’d follow the money and select CFO!

    Comment by Terry Thornton — 16 Jan 2008 @ 4:01 pm

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